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queerlythebest sent: remember, when you use "female bodied" interchangeably with "female assigned at birth", you're erasing trans women and their bodies. both gender and sex are socially constructed, and trans women deserve to have their bodies respected as "female" as well. non-binary folks across the spectrum are oppressed by patriarchy, but that doesn't negate how some trans men experience male privilege.

i’ve avoided mentioning the problems with people using the term “female bodied” bc so far it’s all been trans* people calling THEMSELVES female bodied and as a cis person i don’t think it’s appropriate for me to tell them what they should and shouldn’t be calling their bodies? but like yeah this is a good message that i agree with


  1. doorg said: i am trans* and i identify heavily with the term female-bodied. just wanted to say thank you for being the only person so far who’s addressed this issue and hasn’t been policing my identity language. love u both <3
  2. bullofheaven said: Sex is NOT socially constructed. You are born male or female. That is all, and you can choose to accept that and be consistent with the rest of the world or live in a delusion.
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