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teenboydog sent: hi !! just a heads up, but maybe instead of "kill yr rapist" stuff you could instead have "kill rapists" or somethin like that because saying "kill YR rapist" is essentially putting pressure on victims of sexual assault which isn't cool !!

i hadn’t heard it put that way before, but that’s a really good point! we’ll keep that in mind, thank you for pointing it out.


  1. helloitsimi said: I agree, I prefer it without the “yr” bit, because then people might ask questions about it and yeah, could make some people uncomfortable
  2. doughgoong said: tbh i disagree because i get really uncomfy when nonsurvivors (esp men) talk about killing rapists. it’s some savior complex bullshit and they see it as a way to get to talk about violence openly
  3. standoffsighs said: yeah i agree :)