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PSA for possibly triggering content in the #subversivekawaii tag

(cw for rape and misogynistic slurs)

so somebody has started tagged only vaguely relevant kawaii graphics as “subversive kawaii.” the blog is “kawaiitentacleporn” and when i visited their blog, i found that they had tagged an image that said “don’t make this rape turn into a murder, bitch” as subversive kawaii. luckily for some reason that particular one didn’t show up in the tag, even tho they tagged it within the first five tags? but they do have a flashing gif that is NOT tagged for epilepsy in the tag and i anticipate that they will continue to tag inappropriate things as subversive kawaii.

please be careful, guys. she doesn’t have an askbox so i can’t inform her that she’s misusing the tag and i’m not sure if she’s going to stop so from here on out we have to be prepared to see untagged flashing gifs and possible triggering content in the tag.


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