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hey guys!

you’ve probably noticed that the blog has been very slow lately and that there’s been barely any original content. this sucks and arii and i don’t like it!! but we’ve both been really occupied w offline stuff and it’s hard for us to keep the blog stocked and interesting.

we think the solution to this is to bring another person onboard! we’re currently looking for a third mod to help us create original content and find new things to reblog to keep the blog on yr dashes.

this mod would be for the blog only - unlike arii and i, they wouldn’t be involved in the etsy (or the coughcoughupcomingsociety6coughcough). but the blog is honestly the most important part - the shops are just an offset of this blog!

if you’d like the position, you obviously have to be following the blog! we’d ideally like someone who can contribute 1-5 reblogs per day and 1 original graphic per week, but it’s not like if you don’t contribute that YR FIRED!!!! or anything - if anyone understands getting too busy to run a sideblog, it’s arii and me >u<

also, we’d like you to fill out the form below and SUBMIT it to us to make sure yr a good fit!

yo what’s yr name?:

what’s yr gender identity? (you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to! but we like to know what privileges a mod does and doesn’t have):

what’s yr orientation? (same thing as above, you don’t have to tell us but it helps us keep privileges in mind):

what does feminism mean to you?:

what does sisterhood mean to you? (if you are non-binary, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to! if you id as male, please skip this question!):

what’s the most important thing about fysk to you?:

what ideas do you have of things we can do to make fysk grow and get better?:

what are some things about fysk that you wish were different or could improve? (please be honest when you answer this, we aren’t gonna get mad/consider you a less valid candidate even if you have a lot of criticism for us!):

which of these phrases would you NOT accept as a graphic submission, and why aren’t they appropriate for fysk?: “femmes are family,” “kill yr rapist,” “ball-buster brigade,” “cranky feminist bitch,” “vagina power,” “i have heels bigger than yr dick,” “proud prude,” “destroy all men”

also, please make 3 phrase graphics (similar format as this, this, and this) and upload them into your form. please avoid phrases we’ve already used!

forms will be due to our submit box in TWO WEEKS on SUNDAY, JUNE 16!!!

if you want to get involved but you don’t think you wanna be a full-time mod, please remember that submissions for graphics are always open!

thanks guys, we look forward to the applications!


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