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kinderfucck sent: your overuse of the word kawaii makes me wanna barf. this whole entire blog makes me wanna barf. white liberal feminists trying to make feminism ~cute and adorable~ by reiterating everything that's been said too many times and adding them to fancy backgrounds. ugh.

i’m not white but nice try

we addressed the controversy surrounding the use of the word kawaii in the url in this ask last night which took like two seconds to find, oops

the point of expressing aggressive feminist statements in a cute, adorable way is not to make those statements more palatable to others

the point is that we fuckin love cute, adorable stuff and we don’t think that our fondness for things the patriarchy has determined to be “girly” invalidates our identities as strong feminist women

we regularly get messages from women who tell us that this blog has made them feel strong and powerful, that it has reminded them of their own self worth, that it has banished the shame they used to feel for their own femininity, that it has helped them survive the shit they deal with every day

this blog makes women happy and a lot of the time it gives them the strength and reassurance they need to fight patriarchy

idk what’s important to yr feminism, but all of that is pretty important to mine


  1. roman-numerals said: also, maybe it’s important that this person reflect on the definition of subversive.
  2. peppersupreme said: I don’t get it, you should point out whiteness when racism is being done and for all I’ve seen this blog is inclusive and explained the use of a word that does not belong to them. The ppl calling this blog out on this are always misogynysts, wth.