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dakotadvalentine sent: I have been following your blog for a while and I initially respected it because I was under the impression that it was one that fights for gender equality. But recently, I realized what is really going on. If you truly wish for women to be respected to the full effect that men are (and yes, I truly damn well believe that they should be as well) then you are going about it completely wrong. You are preaching about equal opportunity, equal ground, and overall just equal respect. But in the end,

you are hurting your own cause by talking up female superiority and downing men all in one group which is completely ridiculous. Because something has different genitalia than you, suddenly they are deemed as pigs? Out of nowhere, they are considered to be horrible beings just because they aren’t women? If you expect equality, you can’t just simply down the opposite gender. Respect is a mutual thing, it goes both ways. Feminism is a great thing, sexism is not. And that is what you are endorsing.

first of all, you all jump on “OMG YOU HATE SOMEONE JUST BC OF THEIR GENITALS” and like

how many fucking times do we have to say that it’s not about people being born with penises

plenty of women have penises. plenty of men have vaginas. plenty of people who aren’t men or women or who are both have penises or vaginas and plenty of people have genitals that don’t fit neatly into the categories “penis” or “vagina”

we have never allowed misandrist graphics that center around penises or “girl power” ones that center about having a vagina/uterus

also there are more than two genders so there is no “opposite” gender

and it cracks me up when people say stuff like “if you expect equality, then xyz” or “if you want to be treated equally, then xyz” bc like

in that wording you literally insinuate that it’s okay for basic human rights to be withheld from us bc somebody doesn’t like our attitude and that being treated like a fucking human being is something that has to be earned

as opposed to like??? acknowledging that even complete assholes deserve human rights. there is no “IF you want rights, THEN you must blah blah blah.” you deserve your rights. period. done. it’s not justifiable to withhold them under any circumstances whatsoever.

i’m going to link you to this and this bc they’re asks i’ve already answered about the misandry on this blog and they explain, very briefly, why misandry doesn’t even come close in effect or importance to misogyny

but i really don’t feel like explaining basic shit like “sexism = discrimination + institutional power” and other feminism 101 stuff bc that’s not my job and you could find it literally anywhere else you care to look so yeah



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  2. thatsweetpotato said: Alright, i have more context now. I take it back. This is why i was so surprised by what you said before when i didn’t know it was sarcasm. This is the kind of quality I expect from this blog.
  3. itwillbeloud said: oh wow, this explanation of “if, then” rhetoric when talking about feminism — those kinds of statements always made me really uncomfortable but i hadn’t yet figured out why. thank you for putting the obvious into words.