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dakotadvalentine sent: with your blog. It is not okay to cat call women, it is not okay to call them a bitch, slut, whore, etc. But it is also definitely not okay to call men pigs. And the fact that you think it's okay is completely ridiculous. People are not defined by their genders, they are defined by their actions. And I wouldn't be surprised if you respond back to me by claiming that I'm just another asshole who is trying to deface the female community, which is completely not true. But maybe you'll take this

in a positive light, which I hope you do. Females and males are created equally, neither are more important or better than the other. That is what gender equality is.

oh you aren’t done

here you go again saying that there are only females and males

every nonbinary person who follows this blog just disappeared in a puff of smoke

  1. pumpkinclem said: and instead of actually addressing their question, you decide to completely twist the subject around into something completely unrelated *claps* wow good job
  2. eirstegalkin said: w/o the obvious cissexism i guess the point was nice :/// they seem nice enough w/ not wanting to insult ppl, i hope they realize why what they said at the end was problematic uwu
  3. jirucat said: "the fact that you think it’s okay to call men pigs is ridiculous" oh no men get their feelings hurt but of course that’s just as bad as the discrimination and violence aimed at women every day right.
  4. fuckyealiz said: aah, alas i can take my true form.
  5. queerasallhell said: I get really uncomfortable when people use “females”, there are two groups that use “females” TERFs and MRA.
  6. kakaphoe said: fuck genderbinary and the idea that we should have to be polite to oppressive smegheads who don’t even acknowledge trans and genderqueer people.
  7. gayspacenerds said: /collective groan
  8. angel-cake said: It is not wrong to have hatred and anger to your oppressor.
  9. p--3a said: apparently i’m a unicorn again today ouo
  10. debrides said: I DONT EXISt
  11. fuckyeahsubversivekawaii posted this